Needle Exchange (CW&C)

Commissioner Contact Details

WDP | Jane Murphy | T: 0300 303 4549 | Aqua House, 51 Boughton Chester CH3 5AF

Service Information and Documentation

Training Requirements and Useful Links

  • Pharmacists  involved in the provision of the Supervised Consumption and/ or the Needle Exchange service must complete the CPPE Substance use and misuse – delivering pharmacy services (2020)
  • Once the pharmacist has satisfied the requirements of the CPPE  – The Pharmacist must complete a self- assessment of core competences and print and sign their “Personal Declaration of Qualifications and competence to deliver a Needle and Syringe Programme Self-declaration of Competence for community pharmacy services – Needle and Syringe Programme
  • Pharmacists are responsible for reassessing their competence to deliver this service every three years. This will involve completing a new self-declaration of competence.