NHS Service Finder

NHS Service Finder is a free web-based search tool that provides quick access to the Urgent and Emergency Care Directory of Services (DoS) and social care information from the NHS website. Enabling healthcare professionals to signpost patients to the most appropriate services.

Key Features:

  • Up to date, real-time information, including non-public phone numbers and referral instructions
  • Find a specific service directly using ‘look up a service’
  • Access maps with route and transport options so you can give accurate directions
  • A user-centred design that works on any device, including smartphones

Access Service Finder at https://finder.directoryofservices.nhs.uk/#/login
Log in with your existing DoS account credentials, or request a new account via the link on the homepage.

Any questions? Contact info@finder.directoryofservices.nhs.uk

Supporting information: