Interpreters and Translation Services

Telephone Interpreters

If your pharmacy has patients whose first language is not English and you feel they would benefit from the support of an interpreter; please note that you are able to obtain access to interpreter services from language line at NHSE expense.

Contact Language Line Telephone: 0845 310 9900
Provide Pharmacist Code: 705449

Where necessary, for example due to social distancing arrangements,  you can request that the interpreter sets up a 3 way call between the pharmacy, interpreter and patients mobile.

A quick Reference Guide is available to view HERE

Face to Face Interpreters

Global Accent is our face to face interpreting provider. The booking line on 0870 745 0015, the caller will need to provide the appointment details and the language required. It is recommended that 48 hours’ notice is given when booking a face to face interpreter but Global Accent will try to accommodate if shorter notice is given

British Sign Language Interpreters

The primary provider for BSL interpreters is Action on Hearing Loss and the booking line number is 0845 685 8000. The caller will need to provide the date and time of the appointment and the gender of the patient.

The Deafness Resource Centre provide BSL interpreters to the Halton & St Helens area. Contact number: 01744 23887

Deafblind Interpreters

The provider for deafblind interpreters is also Action On Hearing Loss and the booking details are as above.