Abbreviations and Acronymns

A&E Accident and emergency
ACO Accountable Care Organisation
ADHC All Day Health Centre
APHO Association of Public Health Observatories (now known as the Network of Public Health Observatories)
APMS Alternative Provider Medical Services
AUR Appliance Use Reviews
BDA British Dental Association
BMA British Medical Association
CCG Clinical Commissioning Group – 6 in Cheshire & Wirral that represent GP practices within the LPC footprint
CD Controlled Drug
CDAO Controlled Drug Accountable Officer
CEC Cheshire East Council
CGST NHS Clinical Governance Support Team
CIC Community Interest Company
CMO Chief Medical Officer
Contractor The term contractor means pharmacy contractors and dispensing appliance contractors (DACs) included in the pharmaceutical list as currently there are no equivalent lists for individual pharmacists or DAC performers
COT Course of Treatment
CP Community Pharmacy
CPAF Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework
CPCS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service
CPCW Community Pharmacy Cheshire & Wirral
CPPE Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
CQC Care Quality Commission – job is to check whether Hospitals, Care homes, GPs, Dentists and Services are meeting national standards
CSU Commissioning Support Unit- used by CCGs/public health etc. for services such as business planning and contract management, communications, human resources, finance, procurement and medicines management
CT Community Trust
CWC Cheshire West and Chester
CWP Cheshire & Wirral Partnership (Mental Health and Other Services)
DAC Dispensing Appliance Contractor
Days Calendar days unless working days is specifically stated
DBS Disclosure and Barring Service – replaced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DES Directed Enhanced Service
DOS Directory of Service for NHS 111
DH Department of Health
EEA European Economic Area
ePACT Electronic Prescribing Analysis and Costs
EPS Electronic Prescription Service
eRD Electronic Repeat Dispensing
ESPLPS Essential Small Pharmacy Local Pharmaceutical Services
eTCP Electronic Transfer Transfer of Care To Pharmacy
EU European Union
FHS Family Health Services
FHS AU Family Health Services Appeals Unit
FHSS Family Health Shared Services
FPC Family Practitioner Committee
FTA Failed to Attend
GMC General Medical Council
GMS General Medical Services
GOC General Optical Committee
GP General Practitioner
GPhC General Pharmaceutical Council
GSMP Global Sum Monthly Payment
Healthwatch Patient representative group and  in every local authority area
HEE Health Education England
HLP Healthy Living Pharmacy
HSCIC Health and Social Care Information Centre
HSE Health and Safety Executive
HWB Health and Wellbeing Board – key leaders from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of their local population and reduce health inequalities, part of LA
IC NHS Information Centre
ICCT Integrated Care Teams
IG Information Governance
IPMO Integrating NHS Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation
KPIs Key Performance Indicators
LA Local Authority ie Wirral council
LDC Local Dental Committee – equivalent to LPC for dentists
LETB Local Education and Training Board – statutory committees of Health Education England (HEE) which supports healthcare providers and clinicians to take greater responsibility for planning and commissioning education and training. Can offer financial support
LIN Local Intelligence Network – deals with CDs
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
LMC Local Medical Committee – equivalent to LPC but for GPs
LOC Local Optical Committee – equivalent to LPC for optoms
LPC Local Pharmaceutical Committee
LPN Local Professional Network – PLPN is the pharmacy local professional network made up of pharmacy reps from all sectors, LA, public health etc.
LPS Local Pharmaceutical Services
LRC Local Representative Committee – eg LPC, LOC, LDC
LTC Long Term Condition
MALPS Mersey Association of LPCs
MDO Medical Defence Organisation
MECC Make Every Contact Count
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MIAA Mersey Internal Audit Agency
MLCSU Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit
MMT Medicines Management – used by CCGs to look at prescribing
MUR Medicines Use Review and prescription intervention services
NACV Negotiated Annual Contract Value
NCAS National Clinical Assessment Service
NHAIS National Health Authority Information System (also known as Exeter)
NHS Act National Health Service Act 2006
NHS BSA NHS Business Services Authority – replaced PPA
NHS CB /NHSE NHS Commissioning Board –  name has now been replaced by NHS England  – NHSE
NHS CfH NHS Connecting for Health – deals with EPS
NHSE C&M) NHS England (Cheshire & Merseyside)
NMP Non-Medical Prescriber
NMS New Medicine Service
NPSA National Patient Safety Agency
NUMSAS NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service
OMP Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner
ONS Office of National Statistics
OOH Out of Hours
PALS Patient Advice and Liaison Service
PAM Professions Allied to Medicine
PCC Primary Care Commissioning
PCS Primary Care Support – the term refers to organisations providing administrative support for primary care to ATs, primary care performers and the patients they serve.
PDS Personal Dental Services
PCN Primary Care Network
PCT Primary Care Trust – now replaced by NHSE
Performer The term primary care performer means medical, pharmacy, dental or ophthalmic performers registered on a performers list for the provision of primary care services to include military health and offender health services
PGD Patient Group Direction
PHE Public Health England – not LA public health but branch of NHSE
PH Public Health – part of local authority
PLDP Performers’ List Decision Panel
PMC Primary Medical Contract
PMS Personal Medical Services
PNA Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment – determines where services and pharmacy contracts are needed
PPD Prescription Pricing Division (part of NHS BSA)
PQS Pharmacy Quality Scheme
PSG Performance Screening Group – panel that deals with contracts that have performance issues e.g. fraud
PSNC Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
QOF Quality and Outcomes Framework
QP Quality Payments
RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners
RSG Review Steering Group
SCR Summary Care Record
SRG Systems Resilience Group
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPMS Specialist Personal Medical Services
STP Sustainability and Transformation Plan
SUI Serious Untoward Incident
TCAM Transfers of Care Around Medicine
WIC Walk In Centre
WUTH Wirral University Teaching Hospital