GP CPCS - Bank Door Telephone Numbers

As the number of GP practices referring GP CPCS minor ailments to community pharmacy continues to grow, and in response to feedback from contractors, the LPC has created a database of all the known back door numbers. These numbers are for GPCPCS use ONLY, and can be viewed within the PharmOutcomes CPCS Annexe C Details template. The sheet is located at the bottom of the left hand side-bar.

Please remember that these numbers should ONLY be used for clinician-to-clinician conversations and to enable information exchange between care settings on patient transfer. Please use them when normal communication methods either do not work or the situation is more urgent than normal. 

GP CPCS Webinar (24 March 2021)
VirtualOutcomes Training Modules
  • VirtualOutcomes has a number of CPCW training modules available by accessed at https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/ and by using the pharmacy F code on the site.
  • The modules include:
    • GP Referrals – Team Training
    • Online Consultations
    • Clinical Consultation
    • Implementation and Training
    • GP Surgery Training
    • PharmOutcomes Help Video

Map of Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral Providers

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